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Dissertation Success Program

Major Changes Coming to the Dissertation Success Program

Based on the feedback we have received during our initial beta trial of the Dissertation Success Program, starting next session, we are merging DSP and the DSP Alumni Program onto as a part of our annual individual membership. In other words, we've decided to make DSP available to all of our Individual and Institutional Members.

What does this mean for the Dissertation Success Program?

  • The resources from the Dissertation Success Program will now be bundled with our Individual and Institutional Memberships. Both offer additional resources AND being offered at a lower price of $240 for graduate students and providing access for a full year.
  • DSP will no longer be hosted on the platform. That means that the content will be provided through an open forum where any individual or institutional member can post freely and connect with others regardless of whether they are in the same group. Daily check-ins will also be hosted in the forum to allow for those who want to actively check in daily to connect with others committed to the daily check-in.
  • DSP will no longer require registering for a specific event. Instead, by simply having a membership, you will receive access to all of the resources regularly offered, you will also receive unlimited access to the Dissertation Success Program resources. That means dissertation writers can move through the curriculum at their own speed and start at any time.
  • DSP resources will now be offered "on-demand." You will be able to access any of the videos and homework at any time through the forum structure.

This change will make the Dissertation Success Program easier to access as well as opening it to more participants. We will continue to work hard to support all of you in your pursuit of completing your dissertation.


Do you have questions about this transition? Please feel free to reach out to, and we would be more than happy to help however we can!


What Is the Dissertation Success Program?

The Dissertation Success Program is designed for doctoral candidates who are focused on finishing their dissertation. The program is built on the assumption that there is only one way to complete a dissertation: write it!


While that sounds simple, there are three common reasons that graduate students struggle to complete dissertations: 1) procrastination, 2) perfectionism and 3) isolation. The program teaches students how to navigate around these barriers in the context of a supportive community. 

Participants in the Dissertation Success Program will learn to:

  • Develop and maintain a daily writing routine
  • Systematically plan weekly writing goals
  • Understand the writing process 
  • Develop positive writing rituals
  • Identify and overcome academic perfectionism
  • Track research and writing time for ongoing self-assessment
  • Belong to a community of supportive and productive academic writers
  • Create a local and extended network of mentors for long-term success

"The Dissertation Success Program Has Really Helped Me
Become A More Productive Writer..."
"The Dissertation Success Program has really helped me become a more productive writer by holding me accountable to writing regularly. This is done through the online tools to help me track the time I spend on writing, encouraging me to reflect on my daily writing habits including challenges to writing, teaching me strategies to plan out my writing, scheduling the time to write, and developing a habit to do all of this. But most importantly this program has helped me change my mindset about MY writing so that MY writing IS a priority and it is not put on the back burner. It is very easy to put writing for your dissertation to the side when faced with other commitments, so having this program hold me accountable is a constant reminder to write! I highly recommend this program to any graduate student, especially those with commitments other than the dissertation (which is almost everyone!)."

Cynthia M. Alcantar, University of California, Los Angeles 


"I Have Made More (Writing) Progress In This Program
Than I Have Done In The Past Two Years."
"I have been able to balance my full time job, my newborn baby and making progress for my dissertation because of Dissertation Success. I have made more (writing) progress in this program than I have done in the past two years. I have found the structure, motivation and support to write consistently, while also being encouraged to have free time to spend with my family guilt free. I highly recommend this program to any student that is ready to get things done!"


Lina Traslaviña Stover, University of Nebraska 
Read what our recent DSP Alumni are saying by clicking here.




Michele Crespo-Fierro, 
City University of New York

"It Has Been Life-Changing"
"I am so happy to be a part of this program. It has come into my professional life at a time when I was in great need of support and prodding. My work had stalled because of multiple dissertation-related, work-related and personal-related pressures that could just not be managed in a 24-7 time frame. I had also suffered a serious rethinking of my mentor network. My situation remains that there are few outlets to fully discuss my situation BUT the coaches of DSP and Kerry Ann's weekly blogs and homework assignments have helped me to stay focused and not let distraction get bigger than they need to be or take longer than necessary. I have a framework to easily jump back into each an every time. Being able to connect with others in the process and there being no judgement (yes!) makes it so easier to put things out there, process and move on AND being able to "help" someone else is incredibly rewarding and motivating. When my executive dean asked what we thought of NCFDD, I responded that it has been "life-changing" and it has. Thank you! "




Click here to contact us with questions or call 313-347-8485.


V. Gina Díaz, 
University of New Mexico 
"I Became More Committed To And Engaged In
My Experience, My Process, My Voice, And My Work."
"What I most appreciate about the NCFDD's Dissertation Success Program is that it has helped me understand and reverse some of the barriers I had experienced with my writing. By providing valuable information that helped me approach the process of writing drastically differently, I became more committed to and engaged in my experience, my process, my voice, and my work. The program also helped me practice and value writing in community, through it I became less anxious about sharing my work by strategically determining what to share with whom when. An important element of DSP is that it allowed me to give myself permission to enjoy my time away from my work, giving significance to other aspects of my life and generally contributing to me becoming happier. From the bottom of my heart, THANKS to all involved!"


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