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Powerful Positive Writing Affirmations
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Most academic writers face the "battle of the moment" when they sit down to write.

It's that moment where you're scheduled to write, you know you need to write, and yet you have an irresistible urge to do anything but write!

Sometimes the battle is with your inner critic who rises up in the moment with all kinds of negative self-talk:

  • "I'm a terrible writer"
  • "I'll never finish this"
  • "Why bother doing this, it will never get published/funded"
  • "All of this has already been said before, there's nothing new here"
  • "I'm so far behind, I'll never get caught up"
  • "If anyone reads this, I'll be revealed as not as smart as people thought I was..."

Most of us have an abundance of negative self-talk that emerges when it's time to write but struggle to find ways to combat the negativity. So I asked the academic writers in this community to share their positive writing affirmations. This way we can all have some positive self-talk to win the battle of the moment!

Try these positive writing affirmations to transition from self-doubt into daily writing today. And feel free to suggest your own!

First drafts don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be written. Tweet this! (Breea Willingham)

Someone is dying to read what I have to say. Tweet this! (Shaunna Payne Gold)
If I don’t write it, it may never be written. Tweet this! (Shaunna Payne Gold)
Your narrative is someone’s solution. Tweet this! (Shaunna Payne Gold)
Someone is waiting for your words. Tweet this! (Shaunna Payne Gold)

First you make a mess, then you clean it up. Tweet this! (Chinyere Osuji)

Shit happens - write anyway. Tweet this! (Cheryl Hopson)

Just write a crappy draft. Tweet this! (Francine Glazer)

I write for a living. Tweet this! (Joyce Bell)
I am a writer.  Tweet this! (Joyce Bell)
Perfection is the enemy of productivity. Tweet this! (Joyce Bell)

Just get the ideas down. You can clean it up later. Tweet this! (Michelle Cirillo)

Progress not perfection. Tweet this! (Michelle Nilson Levisohn)
Pressure makes diamonds. Tweet this! (Michelle Nilson Levisohn)

As I take excellent care of myself ideas flow effortlessly onto the page. Tweet this! (Andrea Silver)
Writing is an easy activity which I joyously engage in often. Tweet this! (Andrea Silver)
My writing is appreciated, respected, and fruitful. Tweet this! (Andrea Silver)

Shitty first drafts are fine. Tweet this! (Arica L. Coleman, from Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird)

Write without apology: with the sense that you deserve to make your contribution – no matter how modest. Tweet this! (Aimee Bahng)

All the words you want to use exist, you just need to put them in order. Tweet this! (Katy Pinto)

Let’s Do It! Tweet this! (Tiffany Taylor)

I write to provide scholarly material by which others could build the field anew. Tweet this! (Rahuldeep Gill)
I’ve been blessed with the best vocation – I can enjoy myself and use my talents to make a difference for my community. Tweet this! (Rahuldeep Gill)
This project is going to be done. It’s at least going to be good. And good might be good enough.  Tweet this! (Rahuldeep Gill)
This block of writing, I’m going to renounce any fruits despite having a big goal, I’m going to enjoy the task at hand. Tweet this! (Rahuldeep Gill)

Just do it for 20/30 minutes. You can do almost anything for 20 minutes… if you hate it after 30, you can quit. Tweet this! (Julie Hicks Patrick)

Wrong is not my name, says June Jordan… and it ain’t yours either. You can do this! Tweet this! (Theri Alyce)
Octavia Butler said she wrote every day. Write on. Tweet this! (Theri Alyce)
Grit is doing the hard work repeatedly. (Angela Duckworth) Get gritty. Tweet this! (Theri Alyce)

Every sentence gets you closer to done. Tweet this! (Evangeline Heiliger)
Keep up the good work! Tweet this! (Evangeline Heiliger)
You’re almost there! You’re rocking this! Tweet this! (Evangeline Heiliger)
Showing up matters Tweet this! (Evangeline Heiliger)
You rock! Tweet this! (Evangeline Heiliger)
You wrote for 30 mins – now go and play! Tweet this! (Evangeline Heiliger)

My work is worthy Tweet this! (Raymona Hollway Lawrence)

Have a positive affirmation that you always use and want to share? Share it with us on Facebook!

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