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Dissertation Success Program
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This is just a quick message to remind you that registration for the Dissertation Success Program ends next Friday, November 20th!

We've received lots of questions about the Dissertation Success Program, so we thought we would also take this opportunity to answer the most common questions we've received. I wanted to make sure you had them before registration ends.  

What is the Dissertation Success Program?

The Dissertation Success Program is a 12-week intensive mentoring program (or virtual bootcamp) for graduate students who are focused on finishing their dissertations. For full details on what the program entails, how it works, along with tuition and registration information, click here.

Who can participate in the Dissertation Success Program?

To participate in the program, you must be actively working on your dissertation or planning to begin in the very near future.

I’m just starting or haven't started on my dissertation, will this program be useful?


I only have a few months before my dissertation due, should I consider this program?


I barely have time to sleep! How could I possibly carve out more time to participate in a program?

It seems counter-intuitive, but spending time figuring out what’s holding you back, planning your week, and holding yourself accountable will increase your productivity AND give you more time to enjoy your life. Once most participants employ our strategies and techniques, their work week shrinks to 40 hours and they suddenly find themselves with more time to enjoy their life off-campus. 

This sounds great, but I work in _________________ (insert your discipline) and our work is completely different than any other academic field so this program probably can't help people like me. 

The Dissertation Success Program is designed to address the foundational challenges that underlie academic work, such as:

  • Develop and maintain a daily writing routine
  • Systematically plan weekly writing goals
  • Understand the writing process
  • Develop positive writing rituals
  • Identify and overcome academic perfectionism
  • Track research and writing time for ongoing self-assessment
  • Belong to a community of supportive and productive academic writers
  • Create a local and extended network of mentors for long-term success

I would love to participate in this program, it's EXACTLY what I need! But I don't have any money?! How do people pay for this?

Many of the participants in the Dissertation Success Program are supported by their Department, College, University, Graduate School, Chief Diversity Officer, professional development and/or start-up funds. If you want to participate but don't have your own professional development funds available, try asking someone at your university. In fact, we've designed an entire training (we call it "Making the Ask") to walk you through a step-by-step process that has helped many faculty members raise the funds to participate in the program. We'll also be happy to supply you with templates and contact information for Dissertation Success Program alumni on your campus who can help you.

Here's the bottom line…

If you:

  1. didn't accomplish your writing goals this term,
  2. are walking into next term feeling disappointed, frustrated, exhausted, and panicked that time is flying by without manuscripts leaving your desk, and/or, 
  3. can't afford to have another term end without significant progress on your writing projects,

then consider joining us.

I wouldn't normally be this audacious, but I see one transformation after another in the Dissertation Success Program: explosive productivity, breaking through psychological blocks, important projects resurrected from the dead, mentoring networks expanded, grants won, articles accepted for publication, book manuscripts completed, and weekends reclaimed for pleasure.

Ultimately, I'm inviting you to make significant change in your academic work-life. If you're ready to have a break-through, click here to join us. And if you're not, no problem (just please consider forwarding this email to someone who would benefit from intensive mentoring and support)!


Kerry Ann Rockquemore, PhD
President and CEO
National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity


What Graduate Students are Saying About the Dissertation Success Program
 "I became more committed to and engaged in my experience, my process, my voice, and my work."

  "What I most appreciate about the NCFDD's Dissertation Success Program is that it has helped me understand and reverse some of the barriers I had experienced with my writing. By providing valuable information that helped me approach the process of writing drastically differently, I became more committed to and engaged in my experience, my process, my voice, and my work. The program also helped me practice and value writing in community, through it I became less anxious about sharing my work by strategically determining what to share with whom when. An important element of DSP is that it allowed me to give myself permission to enjoy my time away from my work, giving significance to other aspects of my life and generally contributing to me becoming happier. From the bottom of my heart, THANKS to all involved!"

V. Gina Díaz
University of New Mexico

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity


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